SIS has carefully selected and created strong alignments with globally respected classification societies, engineering firms and risk surveyors as well as many independent consultants. This network enables us to promptly deploy our specialist capabilities and resources in any country/ region. Our network of current providers includes:

SIS have long-term contracts in place with all its network providers. These agreements form the bedrock of durable insurance alliances. Our best-in-class experts have broad capabilities that can help all parties in the energy insurance industry. Highlights include:

  • Together we are conducting regular risk and safety surveys on companies that comprise 75% of the North American fracking market
  • Together we are providing cyber critical alert services across the portfolios of some of the largest cyber underwriters in the World
  • SIS’ Energy Experts Network has managed the drilling of over 120 wells (offshore and onshore), provided engineering support to 100s more globally and inspected 80% of the world’s offshore rigs
  • SIS’ Well Control Network have tackled 100s of onshore and offshore blowouts, emergency operations and well risk assessments
  • SIS’ Cyber Network have carried out cyber systems and software risk assessments for governments, major corporations, critical national infrastructures including vessels, platforms and rigs
  • SIS’ Cyber Intelligence Network have world-leading cyber expertise in all aspects of cyber and have developed a valuable threat intelligence platform called TSUNAMI BUOY® (TB). TB provides valuable intelligence on cyber threats (across the entire web including dark web, closed forums etc.). Services include an early alert system, full contextualisation of cyber risks, cyber threat dashboards and due diligence services for GDPR compliance
  • Together we have performed dozens of Asset Integrity Reports around the world since the product launch in 2016
  • Together we have performed Rig Stacking Verification Reports on dozens of onshore and offshore rigs
  • Together we have built cyber threat and vulnerability assessments, dashboards and awareness services. We continue to bespoke these services specific to each industry and the needs of each client/insured.
  • Together we are building training, audit and safety capabilities that are highly aligned with insurance policies
  • Together we have helped create mechanisms that have directly led to millions of dollars of insurance premium savings while improving risk awareness and helping to raise safety standards

SIS Risk Management in association with its network partners are bringing dynamic, actionable solutions to the insurance market.