SIS Product Suite

SIS’s broad range of services for energy risks include:

  • Well plan survey review with recommendations
  • Asset Integrity Reports (including named windstorm integrity analysis) on offshore platforms, FPSOs, pipelines, rigs, wells, onshore property, plant, terminals and equipment etc
  • Asset Integrity Support Services including security assessments, safety, training and mitigation strategies
  • Onshore and offshore rig stacking, preservation, condition and re-activation surveys
  • Operational reviews for Rigs and Fracking spreads
  • Risk management Services including on job training and awareness, 24/7 blow-out prevention advices and mitigation strategies
  • General historical loss analysis, post loss/root cause reviews
  • Data collection and analysis (loss data, well offset data, trend forecasting etc)
  • Asset valuation support/analysis
  • Special project consultation
  • Educational seminars for insureds, underwriters and brokers

Examples of projects:

Rig Stacking
PDF sample available by request
NOC Due Diligence and Comprehensive Assessment Report
PDF sample available by request
Cyber Security
PDF sample available by request
Asset Integrity Report
PDF sample available by request