SIS Cyber Risk Management has developed comprehensive and unique approaches to assessing cyber risks. We can provide valuable insights on both cyber vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

Our cyber network includes:

  • A team of cyber experts with unique insights, skills and knowledge across many industries providing valuable cyber risk advice into operating systems, processes and potential cyber vulnerabilities.
  • X Cyber Group (XCG) provides pioneering and actionable cyber intelligence, focused on the Human Side of Cyber®, through their TSUNAMI BUOY® cyber intelligence platform (TB). TB provides valuable intelligence on cyber threats (across the entire web including dark web, closed forums etc.). Services include an early alert system, full contextualisation of cyber risks, cyber threat dashboards and due diligence services for GDPR compliance.

Our services include:

SIS Cyber Threat Assessment
This report, produced in association with X Cyber Group, includes a thorough review of cyber threats plus a scoring of the likelihood and potential impact of cyber activities by 6 identified threat categories/actors.
SIS Cyber Risk 360
This report couples the expertise of relevant industry cyber specialists and X Cyber Group to provide:
  • An assessment of the cyber threats and intents specific to the company, its assets and people
  • An assessment of the cyber vulnerabilities specific to the systems, software and IT/OT infrastructure of the company and systems in use.
SIS Cyber Threat Dashboard
Bespoke dashboard visually depicting cyber threats to the corporation, its assets and employees as detected by TSUNAMI BUOY®.
Cyber Advisory Services
to Underwriters, Brokers, Insureds. Includes cyber aggregations, forensics and training services.

Our SIS Cyber 360 work is supported and endorsed by:

Munich RE Syndicate Limited