Our Company

SIS Risk Management provides world class engineering support and due diligence services to the insurance and reinsurance industry. With numerous specialists active in the field worldwide, we cover every corner of the globe. Discover more: Why Use SIS?, How to Access SIS' Services, Experience and History and Underwriter Support.

Our Services

We bespoke our services according to the needs of the insured and requirements of the risk. Our suite of products include well reviews, facility analysis, cyber and security assessments through to relevant data gathering and analysis. Find out more about our services and capabilities under: For Insureds, For Underwriters and For Brokers.

Our Network

We have access to a deep pool of professional engineers and risk specialists worldwide.

Our network includes major global oil and gas engineering companies, specialist surveyors, leading cyber companies and cyber intelligence providers as well as a pool of highly qualified individuals that have unique knowledge and capabilities.

Find out more about our network under Our Network and Clients and Projects.

SIS Risk Management Mission Statement

To be the knowledge based partner of choice for all parties that are seeking to better understand and improve complex risks.

Through our focus and drive we will improve risk analysis, advance best practices in risk management and facilitate risk differentiation.

Our work and advice will help professional organizations:

  • Improve safety and security
  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve profit margins


Munich Re Syndicate

“SIS ... are part of a new breed of solution provider that our industry will benefit greatly from underwriter, broker and client alike. Their vision of an insurance industry driven by best in class practitioners, backed up by highest quality specialists and primary data, is one that we wholeheartedly endorse. We would thoroughly recommend clients, partners and competitors alike to use SIS’s services.”

Dominick Hoare
Chief Underwriting Officer / Munich Re Syndicate


“Nabors has derived significant benefit from SIS’s services and reports. They are relevant and cutting edge and help all the parties that are involved in both risk and safety. Any company that takes risk awareness, risk management and safety seriously should welcome the opportunity to work with the SIS team.”

for more details see www.nabors.com

Steven T. Williams
Vice President-Risk Management / Nabors Corporate Services

Lloyd’s Register Energy

“The Lloyd's Register brand has a long history of delivering methodical, results oriented training and assessment. Their involvement, coupled with SIS Risk Management’s technical assessment program provides a level of service unparalleled in this ‘first of a kind’ offering to the insurance market.”

Clinton Abbate
Senior Business Analyst / Lloyd's Register Energy

LR Senergy

“LR Senergy have been supporting SIS Risk Management in the evaluation of upstream oil & gas risks since 2014. Together we have developed an innovative and affordable assessment methodology which can provide underwriters with an objective and consistent rating of an asset’s risks in easily understandable language. We look forward to maintaining the relationship as a fully integrated part of Lloyds Register and supporting SIS further in the development of additional products providing value to the insurance sector.”

Nigel Talintyre
Development Solutions Manager / LR Senergy, London


“Clear, concise, informative and helpful reports…”

David Shepherd


“SIS's products and services have added significant value to our clients and have been great to work with. The whole process of obtaining Asset Integrity Reports is very user-friendly and the quality of work was superb. A win-win-win for all parties. In today’s market being able to differentiate the quality of our clients assets has been a huge benefit.”

Alex Vincent
Head of Energy / Miller Insurance


“The reports produced by SIS are a valuable tool for underwriters to assist in risk differentiation, which is essential in the current market. Their unique pool of industry specialists and engineers give underwriters a detailed insight into their clients’ operations.”

Jim Lye


“Great value add tools. The Rig Stacking Verification Reports were spot on and the Asset Integrity Reports add an informed, fresh approach – the SIS scoring mechanism is a game changer too.”

Matt Byatt


“SIS are expert risk advisers and we value their support highly. They deliver highly relevant services and provide genuine added-value to support insurance transactions.”

Olivier Decombes
Divisional Head, Energy, Power & Utilities / Barbican Insurance Group


“The management and staff of Marriott Drilling are very pleased with the report and welcome all points and observations as a positive and constructive means for continual improvement. All points raised are constructive and it is evident that for the limited period of time the assessors had on location, they gained a very good understanding of the rig and crews current and historical status of the asset management and crew training including vocational training and certification.”

Paul Matich
Senior Project Manager / PR Marriott Drilling Ltd

Network Highlights

SIS have long-term contracts in place with all its network providers. These agreements form the bedrock of durable insurance alliances. Our best-in-class experts have broad capabilities that can help all parties in the energy insurance industry. Highlights include:

  • Our energy network partners have project managed the drilling of over 120 wells (offshore and onshore), provided engineering support to 100’s more globally and inspected 80% of the world’s offshore rigs
  • Our energy network partners have tackled 100s of onshore and offshore blowouts, emergency operations and well risk assessments
  • Our cyber network partners have carried out cyber systems and software risk assessments for governments, major corporations, critical national infrastructures including vessels, platforms and rigs
  • Our network of cyber partners have world-leading expertise in all facets of cyber and have developed capabilities to characterise, mitigate and further prevent potentially damaging cyber attacks. These services include strategic advisory services, threat bulletins and reporting, and bespoke technical support and guidance.
  • Together we have performed dozens of Asset Integrity Reports on energy assets around the world
  • Together we have performed surveys and stacking verification reports on dozens of onshore and offshore rigs
  • Together we are conducting regular risk and safety surveys on companies that comprise 75% of the North American fracking market
  • Together we are providing cyber critical alert services across the portfolios of some of the largest cyber underwriters in the World
  • Together we have delivered cutting edge cyber threat and vulnerability assessments, industry alert bulletins and risk awareness tools.
  • Together we are building training, risk scoring, audit and safety capabilities that are highly aligned with insurance policies
  • Together we have helped create mechanisms that have directly led to millions of dollars of insurance premium savings while improving risk awareness and helping to raise safety standards

SIS Risk Management in association with its network partners are bringing dynamic, actionable solutions to the insurance market.