Ensure that your energy insurance placement (package policy, stand-alone property policy, OEE policy, etc) includes an engineering allowance. Typical language is as follows :

"Underwriters agree to allow up to X% (Typically between 2.5% and 5%) of premiums in respect of engineering fees - scope of work to be finalized with SIS Risk Management Limited"

Broker and/or insured to contact SIS and select from menu list/narrow down exact scope of work required from each area of expertise:

A) Wells - Example "Review high pressure, high temperature well being drilled in xyz"

B) Property - Example "Perform asset integrity/ PSE analysis on defined assets in xyz"

C) Cyber - Example " Conduct a corporate wide/asset specific Cyber Risk Assessment"

D) Data - Example "Provide information and data analysis on historical losses in defined areas and provide well offset data for xyz area"

E) Other - Identify other engineering support services which would be beneficial to the risk being insured.

Once steps 1 and 2 are completed the project will be in SIS's hands. We target to complete all work within 30 - 45 days of work scope finalization/receipt of information and collection of funds from underwriters.